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"...It's hard to nail down exactly what I love the most, but the fact that the warm, welcoming monarch looks as warm and welcoming as I imagined is definitely in the Top 3 Favorite Things. Thank you, thank you, thank you for accepting this commission and for doing such an amazing job! :) "



"Starlight was an absolute pleasure to work with, and creates beautiful work that you'll adore time and time again.

Blackpaw_PSD-G rated.png


"Thank you so much for this. It's an amazing picture and the gem of my collection."



(Please note that these are starting prices and may go up based on character complexity) 

Additional Information to Note

Note: all prices above are in $ USD

Commission Queue can be found HERE

★ For commerical business inquiries regarding work such as large illustrations and original character designs, please contact me HERE
Overview of Commission Process:
(All commission discussions will take place through email)
1. Quote is sent for confirmation and payment is made up front
(For payments over $200, 50% of the cost can be paid at the start and the remaining 50% can be paid before recieving final art files)

2. Rough sketch is sent for approval, maximum 3 changes
3. Artwork is completed, sent via email.  Minor tweaks can be made to ensure character accuracy (major tweaks may incur extra costs)
4. Commissioner may display art online in a low-resolution watermarked format, provided credit is included