Hello, my name is Audrey Vandermeulen. I’m from Newburyport Massachusetts, which is a small seaside town north of Boston. Despite living by the water my entire life, I much prefer being in forests, which inspires my artwork with themes of nature magic. I love creating pieces that focus on deep, mysterious creatures, but I also enjoy designing lighter themed work that appeals to a child-at-heart market (cute yet sophisticated) in products like games, stationery and toys. 

      In 2015 I started studying at Pratt Munson Williams Proctor, the upstate school of Pratt Institute. I relocated to Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn, New York in my Junior year, and graduated in the Spring of 2019 with a major in Illustration and a minor in Visual Development.

      Past graduation, I have decided to focus on art that brings me the most joy and I am currently making work with a focus on the bright, cute and colorful. I love tropes of sweet magical fantasy characters and believe art can be a great escape for us to explore fantastic worlds aside from our own. 

      I have also amassed a library dedicated to "Art of" books over the years that I look to for inspiration; my favorites being the ones that show artwork with both colorful and thoughtful, sophisticated themes together (see the MLP movie art book, or Breath of the Wild) Someday I dream of creating my own art book.

      Throughout my life creating, I have worked with a wide variety of media. Many people state that as an artist you should focus on one medium, but this is never something I’ve followed; I work in a plethora of different 2D and 3D media including digital painting, maquettes, acrylic, marker, and multimedia sculpture. I have found that knowledge of each medium strongly reinforces the other.