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Starlight is a celestial fox creature who harnesses the power of the aurora/northern lights and resides among the astral plane. She can travel to different planes outside the astral, but prefers staying where her home is, in a very remote and forested area up on a hillside that the clouds occasionally reach. Her home overlooks great grassy hills and in the equivalent of winter it is filled with fields of snow and a clear sky that allows the aurora to illuminate everything around it. The aurora gives her power and comfort, and a bit of that power is visibly seen coursing through her wings at all times. As such, she is spiritually connected to the aurora's magic. She reads the aurora's twists and waves like a seer reads tealeaves, which helps her when she needs guidance. She cannot read the aurora on her wings, but only the aurora that blankets the sky during the colder times. When the aurora is not out, she looks to the stars.


Starlight is normally calm and soft spoken, but shows excitement and enthusiam when trying to bring joy to others. She can also aide as a fierce fighter if need be. She harnesses the power of various mythical creatures, so she has minor healing and elemental abilities, but her main skills come in the form of conjuring mighty spirits from the aurora to aid her in battle. She is not as skilled in hand-to-hand combat. If she must fight on the field, her weapon of choice is her wand for distance spells, or the wand altered as a makeshift longsword that still gives her greater distance between herself and her opponent.


In terms of daily life, Starlight enjoys pastries such as cakes, berry tarts and jam-filled turnovers (think cottagecore). Her main passion is in art but she correlates it with spellwork, combining her ancient techniques with modern "tech" to create visuals that humans can appreciate. Her illustrations are very free-flowing, typically focusing on colorful human characters, beautiful food, or unusual animal characters like herself.


Despite Starlight's strange artwork and remote living, she cares deeply for those around her and is loyal to the creatures who she has mutual respect for. In trying to understand more about the different levels of the astral plane and those forgotten forms of spellwork, she hopes to create her own teachings that will help her see the natural balance of magic and art and gain a better understanding on how it can help herself and others. 

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